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StickyWilds casino logo StickyWilds UP TO $4000 + 200 free spins
  • +3400 Games
  • VIP Program
  • Curacao License
playamo casino logo Playamo AU $1500 BONUS +150 FREE SPINS
  • Skrill & Neteller
  • Use Crypto Currency
  • Curacao License
Woo casino logo Woo Casino OVER 2000+ GAMES & LIVE CASINO
  • Skrill & Neteller
  • Use Crypto Currency
  • Curacao License
Bongo casino logo 120% UP TO €200 + 80 FS
  • Instant Transfers
  • Fast Registration
  • Curacao License
Tsars casino logo Tsars Casino €2000 + 200 FS DEPOSIT BONUS
  • Zimpler Instant Banking
  • Weekly Bonuses
  • Curacao License

What to Expect in New Casinos in 2021

There seems to be no end in sight to the innovation possible with new casinos in Australia. New ways to play, new games, and new prizes are always being thought up. Thanks to developing technology such as live dealer games tech, VR, and cryptocurrency, there is an on-going arms race in the casino world. Various top companies such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and Betsoft are trying to outdo each other in terms of more games. These games are great for players whose aim is to keep things as fun as possible. Each of these firms knows the gaming industry is lucrative. However, they also know they have to make the best for them to get a slice of the industry.

What To Expect In New Casinos 2021

  1. More Creativity in Video Slots Games
  2. Live Dealer Platforms
  3. Better connection resulting in more advanced games
  4. Perhaps VR will gain entry?
  5. Improvement for mobile phones

More Creativity in Video Slots Games

In the past, slot machines used coins. However, those co-operated devices are now ancient. The technology used in fruit machines is now gathering in basements and storehouses globally. The technology is being replaced by iGaming tech. The modern video slot games feature exciting and flashy gameplay, which pays out millions to lucky players.

Video slot machine technology has grown a lot in the recent past. Virtual gaming now feels much similar to playing at a physical fruit machine. In an estimate, one of the areas that will experience the most growth will be the mobile slots machines. By the end of 2021, it will be an industry appealing to 200 million people. Most of these players will be those in the millennial generation.

The growth of mobile gaming technology is a testament that tech only improves with time. Without developing it’s mobile gaming, most of the casinos are likely to lose many customers which can also result in a considerable loss in revenue as well. Thus, they have to stay updated and offer the best mobile casinos experience possible.

Live Dealer Platforms

Live dealer games have seen massive growth in recent years. 2021 is expected to be big for live dealer games as new casinos scramble to offer the most variety. Live dealer games allow you to have a real experience of being in a physical casino all from the comfort of your home. It is further progress from the basic online casino games that the world has familiarised with for years. For most players, live dealers are the pinnacle of the progression of online casinos. Live dealers give new casinos more trust form players. Since everyone can see what is happening, players cannot claim that there has been any game rigging. However, live dealer games might not be the best new casinos can do in 2021. Much is still in progress, thanks to advances in the technology.

Virtual Reality Gaming is the Next Battleground

VR technology like Oculus Rift hit the market a few years back. Casinos immediately noticed the potential it held and started working on it. The VR experience is a game changer, and many new casinos do not offer it. Bettor’s can use the technology in modern casinos, and they have an experience that makes them feel like they are in a physical casino. The live experience is all possible using a VR headset.

Even veterans of the online casino industry had not expected that VR technology would become so popular. That is why new casinos are scrambling to launch VR games. It is usually an instant crowd pleaser whenever there is a launch.

VR is a prominent feature that gets more players to sign up. For one, it indicates that a casino is keeping up with trends in 2021. Besides that, it is a new technology, and casinos players are always looking for new casinos with something unique. When coupled with better bonuses in new casinos and reliable customer care, most millennials will flock to any new casinos that offer VR technology.

Factors that Will Influence Online Casino Growth

Factors that have played a role in the growth of virtual gaming will also play a role in the development and growth of new casinos in 2020. Some of the factors that are expected to have a positive impact on new casinos are:

  1. Payment options
  2. Mobile friendliness
  3. Customer support
  4. Improvement’s to software
  5. Gambling laws
New Casinos Australia
New Casinos Australia

Payment Options

With time, casinos have increased the number of payment options that users can access. The casinos that have implemented the most reliable and diverse payment options are also the ones that survive the longest.
Some of the methods that have proven a hit in the world of virtual gaming are debit and credit cards, digital wallets, vouchers, cheques, and bank transfers. The more options that a player has to deposit and withdraw funds, the more likely they are to stick around. Most gamers who wish to play for real money do not have to register to new services just to make a quick deposit. Thus, if new casinos do not embrace new payment methods, they will not survive long. Most casino players want to find new casinos that do not require them to leave their computer or device to go and make physical contact at a financial institution.

Improvements to the Software

In this era, having a software provider that provides a common software is not good enough. Most casino players can tell within a few minutes of visiting new casinos if the software is reliable. Casinos all over the world are working on business-to-business solutions, which ensure that their sites run without any glitches at all times. Man new casinos are working with analytical tools that enable them to identify which areas of their casino could use some improvements. The casinos that manage to optimize their software the most are going to be a success. With so much variety, players are not ready to accept mediocre software solutions when they are trying to win some money online. Quality software is something that will separate the chaff from the wheat in 2021 and beyond in the online casino world.

Availability of Games

Games at online casinos are mainly shown off on land-based casino games. It is partly why these new casinos have such huge followings online. Some of the game genres familiar in online casinos are:
Slots or pokies – they have mass appeal due to various reasons. This genre of games is accessible in almost all casino sites. One element that has helped slots survive so long is the low staking limit. Besides that, they explore numerous themes, and their layouts are interactive. Finally, they are one of the easiest casino games to play online. It is part of the reason new casinos will continue to pop up in 2021 and beyond.

Table games – There are both modern and classic variations of these games. The online casinos have led to the creation of new games for blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Live casino – These games are intended to bring the feel of being in a real casino inside the comfort of home. A trend has attracted many players over the years. With advances in technology, this category has seen improvements that will see it feature more prominently.

Video Poker – Lovers of video poker have continued to grow in the recent past. Various titles are being launched by new casinos all the time. The genre will keep players flowing to these casinos well into the future.

Currency Accepted

Many new casinos are newly launched with the ability to accept a range of currencies. Such is the case even when a casino is designed for Australian audiences only. There is a growing recognition that not every one earns his or her money in AU dollars. Besides that, converting money to dollars to play at an online casino is costly and inconvenient. Most casinos have an internal conversion rate that does not cost the player anything. Casinos will also accept Bitcoins, Litecoins, and Ethereum. The use of digital currencies is especially crucial for casino players who do not wish to share their private lives online.

Mobile Friendliness

Casinos online can be accessed via browsers or as downloaded apps. Creating sites that are friendly to mobile devices is something that will play a crucial role in determining who wins in the online casinos’ race. Mobile casino apps now make virtual gaming much easier and smoother on various operating systems.

Customer Support

Most online casinos now come with an array of customer support options that in the past. New casinos in AU know that to survive, they need to offer players as many options as possible. New casinos now launch with WhatsApp, Skype, telephone, emails, and Live Chat. They are always on the hunt for new communication channels that will make it easier to reach out to their customers.

Gambling Laws

For many years, gambling laws have been in practise by many nations. As countries realize that gambling is a reliable source of finance, they are creating gambling laws that are friendlier to online casinos. New casinos in 2021 will find the regulatory field much more accepting of them as long as they stay within the lines. While laws now favour casinos, the monitoring has been increased to ensure they do not break the rules. Countries are realizing that it is better to regulate new casinos that try to prevent them, which end up hurting their citizens, who are looking to have some fun online.

Multiple Language Support

Many new casinos in 2021 are adding various language support. They realize that if they want to stay relevant, they need to cast their nets as wide as possible. While a casino might be operational in Australia, it does not mean that all who want to join, speak English.

Online casinos that focus on the areas mentioned above will likely be relevant in 2021 and beyond. Players will keep visiting these virtual casinos as long as their needs are adequately met.

Popular Games that are expected to be Hot in 2021

While many games are coming up in 2021, some of the biggest names in the industry for this year have already started. New casinos that adopt these games will attract a large following:

New Online Casinos 2021
New online casinos 2021


Berryburst is a game that was created by NetEnt. It appears to be the expected successor of the favourite starburst slot game. The new game will use Cluster Pays, which features fruits for all the important symbols. However, it is expected to be exciting, considering that it is from NetEnt.

Archangels: Salvation

A new game from NetEnt, Archangels, is a slot machine that features only six reels but has 100 lines. It is the first slot game that has so many lines. It will be interesting to see which new casinos that adopt this game; most casino players will want to try it.


It is amongst the biggest productions form NetEnt, which came into existence in 2018. The Jumanji slot game is based on the film by the same name that came out in 1995; however, it will not be by the newest movie of the same name.

Lost Relics

NetEnt is creating the game, Lost Relics. It is a slot machine that has an Indian Jones theme to it. However, this game entails a young woman taking the lead. It will feature the usual high-quality graphics form NetEnt and will be available on desktop and mobile platforms.

Penguin City

It is a game that is being released by Yggdrasil and based on a Penguin theme where an Emperor Penguin keeps his subjects like slaves. Its main feature is the Penguin Escape mode which occurs when the Wild appears on the fourth or second reel in a winning spin. The Wild will remain there for the rest of Escape mode.

In the Escape Mode, penguins gift the players Sticky Wilds on the fourth and second reels. There is also a chance of seeing a winning symbol of reel three. Players have a chance to hit Emperor Stacked Wild, which will guarantee a win on each spin until the emperor leaves the reels. When the Escape Moe is switched on, a penguin makes a bid for freedom on every turn until a player gets to the winless spin.

Sonya Blackjack

This blackjack game features a 3D dealer who creates an immersive playing environment. It allows up to three players to sit on one table with more being able to stand. Players are also able to watch others and know how much they are winning.

As an excellent online blackjack table, the players are offered Even Money, insurance, Split, Double and Double after Split, and special features only found in this game.

Casinos that use this game will be able to customize features including the casino and dealer environment. There is the option to launch with a custom skin to suit the theme of a casino. Yggdrasil created the game.


Paying Safe Means Playing at Legal Casinos

In 2020, there is no excuse to play at illegal casinos in Australia. New casinos can only be thought to be safe if registered in AU. It ensures that your funds are safe from rogue casino operators. Besides that, check the licensing requirements. If the law says you are too young to play, do not play. Wait until you are old enough to play at new casinos in Australia. Use the time you have to learn how to play free games until you can finally play for cash. If a casino discovers you are underage, it could withhold all your money and ban you from their site forever. It is especially so for Bitcoin users who might want to register at new casinos, which do not ask for many details.

CasinoFia Takeaway

Checking the license of new casinos is usually quite easy. They will post it at the bottom left corner in most cases on their front page. You can proceed to check whether it is a valid license. If for any reason you find discrepancies on a site, avoid placing your money on the site. A good casino should take time to ensure that its operations run smoothly from the start. There is no excuse for new casinos to launch shoddy sites in this era of technological advancements.

Can i as an australian play on new online casinos?

Yes you can on new online casinos in Australia 2021.

Where can i play online casinos with real money?

At our site we supply you with the best online casinos out there.

Why should i play on new online casinos?

You aren’t forced to play, to entice new customers new casinos often offer big welcome bonuses and free pokies.

How does online casinos with no deposit work exactly?

Easy! Many online casinos offer different bonuses and free pokies. It is almost always announced on the start page of the casino.

What is a good new online casino in 2021?

Generosity! Juicy welcome bonuses, free pokies, no deposit bonuses etc.

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